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  • You could save on your new car

    With our nationwide fleet discounts and preferred dealer network, we can find a great price on your new car. Plus, you don’t pay GST on the purchase price, which could mean more savings. RemServ’s car procurement services are an optional service. You may choose to purchase your car through any supplier.

  • We look after everything for you

    At RemServ, we not only source your new car, we can also manage all the paperwork, arrange the finance and organise the insurance - leaving you to enjoy the new car feeling. RemServ’s car procurement and insurance products and services are optional. You may choose to use our services or that of another provider.

  • Everything's included

    A novated lease includes a comprehensive budget which pays for your finance and running costs with pre and post-tax funds set aside from your salary each pay cycle. Plus, you can have the money returned if you don’t spend it all.

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Novated leasing is a great way to potentially save on tax and gain convenience when it’s time to get a new car. Plus, there are no longer any kilometre requirements.

Once you have chosen your new car, your lease is set up in your name through your employer. All your lease payments and vehicle running costs are paid from your RemServ account using a combination of your pre and post-tax salary.

We help you set a budget for the ongoing running costs of your vehicle, which can be adjusted at anytime throughout your lease

Before your lease ends, we will be in touch to discuss what direction you would like to take - lease a new car, release your existing car or purchase the car outright.

RemServ novated lease explained

A novated lease is a three-way agreement between you, your employer and a financier. Your chosen car is leased in your name and running costs such as fuel, insurance and maintenance are all included in one lease repayment, paid with a combination of your pre and post-tax salary. Which means you could reduce your taxable income and therefore pay less income tax.

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